Friday, October 16, 2015

Hopp Press sectional markers

A few months ago at the Goodwill Outlet I found these fantastic vintage "Hopp Press" sectional markers. All the pieces were scattered across the bin and it was a family frenzy trying to gather up all the pieces, which included the numbers, box, and little metal stands. These would have been used to mark prices on meat or other products in a supermarket. Can't you just see it?!

The neat thing about these numbers is that one side is printed with just the number, and the other side is printed with the number followed by a cent sign, so they can be used interchangeably. It also, apparently, resulted in a fair bit of hot legal action.

 vintage hopp press sectional markers

vintage hopp press sectional markers

The text on the wooden box is as follows:
132 West 14th Street, Between 6th & 7th Aves. New York
Telephone Chelsea 3135 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Opposite side: 
Always place price card in holder within the tongue. This will prevent cards from sliding out of holder.
To release card again from holder, raise card over tongue by pushing finger through the circular opening of holder.
Price Cards are printed on both sides with and without "c" mark to used thus:
3 without "c"
3c cards show 3 1/2 c on reverse side

Oh my gosh box calm down this isn't price marking rocket science.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday, September 2, 2013

TOFA toys wooden finger puppet glory

My mom found these fabulous early to mid 1960s wooden finger puppets by Czechoslovak toy company TOFA.

Tofa wooden finger puppets box

Tofa wooden finger puppets

In trying to figure out when they stopped making toys packaged in the best toy box that has ever existed, I found their Czech Wikipedia page. Translated to English, part of it states, "Production, however, there was discontinued in October 1997 and the company has since dilapidated useless, since 2008, literally falling apart". Whether or not this is accurate, I don't know. But I do know that Dilapidated useless, literally falling apart is the most dramatic thing I have ever heard in my life and will be the name of my new all-girl post-hardcore screamo band. Definitely.

The box itself is where it's at in my opinion. I mean, it has so much going for it. My favorite finger puppet, though, is definitely the dog, perhaps because he reminds me of the most tragically named frozen ice pop character of all time, Melon Collie, Little Orphan Orange's canine friend.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


booooooks I drew this last night. Part of a little somethin' somethin' I'm working on.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I made a library card!

There was a contest at work to submit a photo or illustration that might appeal to children for a new library card, and I won! I'm so excited about it. Last weekend, the first batch of cards arrived and I tore the box open with reckless abandon.

I illustrated a library card!

That orange cat with an eye patch has absolutely no relation to my own orange cat who may or may not be missing an eye. None whatsoever. No.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Digital paintin'

Today I decided to take a genuine jab at digital painting. It's my first attempt, aside from a few times where I've opened up various programs, drawn a squiggle or two, looked at the examples, felt discouraged, and quit, deciding instead to lay in bed eating grapes and watching YouTube videos.

I think the thing is, I have no idea how art actually works, or how shading or shadows or lighting or noses happen. It's like a tiny miracle whenever I see someone who can so effortlessly draw realistically or semi-realistically. I've never had much luck with Wacom tablets, and everything I've drawn on a computer in the last two years has been with a laptop trackpad and my pointer finger. Since any sort of good painting in Illustrator seems to more or less require Wacom-ing, it hasn't happened for me.

This was made using the Procreate app for iPad, which still let me use my pointer finger. It is based off of this picture of my favorite one-eyed feline, Oliver, who I adopted in May. I LOVE HIM.

first attempt at digital painting

Anyway, it's a little wonky in some places (okay, most places), but for a girl who doesn't understand how realism works, I think it's a step in a direction. Some sort of direction. Somewhere.