Sunday, October 11, 2009

superior, indeed!

Today at Goodwill, I picked up a toy printing press from the 1950s for $2.99. When I snatched it out of the bin, I said (out loud, to no one), "You go with me now."

"hey ladies, wanna watch me typeset?"
One of the neat things about this particular set, the Superior "Cub" Printing Press, is that it has the ability to print little pictures for extra typesetting class. Oh, back in the day when kids didn't mind individually setting type, letter by letter, for lackluster final results. I love it.

the supplies
Equally loved is that parents didn't mind giving their kids a bottle of ink and a small metal pole and telling them to go at it.

superior printing press

Right after I took this picture, all the rubber letters fell out and needed to be arranged again.

Picas are my preferred method of measurement, for everything, always.

Do you think that Balloon Bold was the Comic Sans of the 1950s?

imagine that
I would like to be a professional typeface describer. I seriously cannot think of anything more sterile.

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