Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Accidental Collection of Letters

I accidentally started a new collection: Vintage die-cut letter stencil kits.

letter stencils

Yesterday I went to the Goodwill Outlet, and sitting amongst a bin full of soggy odds and ends (ew) were two perfectly unsoggy letter stencil kits. A girl's dream come true! Well, my dream come true, anyhow. There is something so satisfying about these little kits and all the letters inside them.

alphabet & numbers stencils, 1953
This first kit is from 1953, made by the Kenworthy Company. The letters are three whole inches long!

letters & figures set, 1958
The smaller letters in this kit are from 1958, also by the Kenworthy Company. Most of them aren't popped out from their original holders. Fancy business up in here.

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