Saturday, November 14, 2009

If wishes were dishes (and they are)

Today was a really amazing thrift store dish day. I don't know if the planets were aligned just right, or if I was cashing in all my opening doors for old people points, but man! It was just a really great day.

First, I go to Goodwill in Lynnwood, WA, and there are so many different dishes I want to look at that I actually need a basket! I don't think I've ever gotten a basket at a thrift store before.
gasp of the day #1
These were my final selections -- lots of light yellow, for some reason! There is some Fiestaware in there, as well as a Bauer saucer and much Coronado Pottery, which I had never seen before. The top cup is a mystery. It was taped together with a newer light yellow Fiestaware saucer, but I knew that it was no way Fiestaware (especially the new stuff), so I had to buy it! Any ideas about the maker? The geometric pattern at the bottom is so attractive.

we can't all be winners
These were taped together with the lovely blue Coronado saucers pictured up above, so I had to get them, even though the top one looks like it had a bad year and contracted a venereal disease. On my Flickr I was going to joke that the bottom one looks like a color that only Franciscan Ware would think was a good idea to make, but it turns out that Coronado and Franciscan are one in the same. Har har har... (Oh my god, am I making pottery jokes? Who AM I?!)

gasp of the day #3
This was at Value Village in Lynnwood, WA. I saw it and almost didn't want to pick it up, because they have gotten SO EXPENSIVE lately and whenever I see something I even kind of like, it's $24.99. I picked up anyhow and it was $3.99. I proceeded to pace around with my mouth hanging open, hugging this pitcher so close that I'm amazed it didn't break.

And THEN...
gasp of the day #2
All those red-handled kitchen utensils were 69¢ each at Goodwill in Everett, WA (totally match some earlier-found utensils I have!)

The Bauer bowl was $1.49 at St. Vincent de Paul's at Everett, WA. I NEVER go to that St. V's! I saw this bowl, gasped, told myself that it was probably some Pottery Barn look-a-like that couldn't possibly be Bauer, turned it over, then ran over to the cashier with it!

I only spent about $10.00 today, but that was with the use of the last of my Goodwill gift card... Probably about $17.00 without it!

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