Friday, November 13, 2009

INSPIRATION: vintage lettering books

I realized a few days ago that my letter-drawing repertoire is rather pathetic. Fat block letters, slightly skinnier block letters, block letters with rounded corners, cursive, some junk I stole off of the cover of American Girl's "Clever Letters" back in the day (you know, the "DAY"... ten years ago...) And that's about it.

That's why when I see books like Carl Holmes' "ABC of Lettering," I find them so inspirational in my pursuit of furthering my lettering career. Not only that, but it has that great style I adore so much. It looks so spontaneous and classy... It's refreshing to see something that doesn't look so computer-generated and canned. Anyhow...

"ABC of Lettering" by Carl Holmes

lettering that expresses ideas
Here are examples of lettering that express the ideas behind the word. I especially like coldness and frivolity (on this page and in life in general). I find their choice for "cheapness" interesting, as well.

I just liked that skeleton, what can I say.

I'm off to practice my letters (and probably ultimately end up resorting back to my tried-and-true block letters, in various weights!) The Seattle Goodwill's Annual Glitter Sale is tomorrow, but I'm a lover, not a fighter, when it comes to thrifting. I wish I could just go to see all the neat vintage things they have (just to look!), but it gets so crowded and stuffy in there that it just stresses me out. If you go, tell me about it!

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