Monday, January 11, 2010

crafts: bird rings & board games

I've haven't been doing a lot of stuff-makin' lately, which is sad. However, I did make a little somethin'-somethin' this evening and I think it's mildly adorable.

bird rings
I have about 3,000 million old falling apart children's books I've rescued from the Goodwill Outlet's ever-looming chipper with such ridiculously adorable illustrations it makes me want to roll down a grassy knoll into a pile of pirahnas. I thought I'd put a small corner of one into good use this evening by making these rings. Ring bases, small round wood things from an old board game, the pictures, super glue and some mod podge later and beeeep booommmm beeeeee BAM, these were born.

Has anyone in the history of forever ever used super glue without getting glued to their cats/self/clothes/other material possessions? Every single time! I have an abusive relationship with super glue, but I keep on crawlin' back.

While I'm at it, here's something from last month:
dehydrated pears to dehydrated pears
I made my sister a personalized "Apples to Apples" game for Christmas, using people, places and things related to her and our family. There's somewhere around 300 noun cards total (five cards per 8.5''x11'' piece of paper, which had to be printed one page at a time or my printer would freak out).

It's called "Dehydrated Pears to Dehydrated Pears" because my dad was a pear-dehydrating maniac when we were younger.

For about a month, I kept a little TextEdit document on my desktop and a scrap of paper in my pocket to write down an idea whenever it came to me. Some of them were obvious: The names of our various relatives, cats, and what she's interested in (Star Trek and Metro buses, basically), and some of them are really, really, family-specific (blindfolded tag, foggy ziploc bags, no water chai tea lattes, etc.)

too true

The best part is, there are only about five people in the world that can competently play it.


  1. That's an amazing gift! Your sister must have loved it.

  2. oh my god you and your sister are epic. that is impressive.