Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just thought it would be a good idea to make a giant ice cream sundae with like everything in the fridge that seemed like it might even kind-of-sort-of be good in an ice cream sundae, and man, it was not a good idea.

I never posted about my dear sewing machine that I got back in September, so I thought that I would to get my mind off of my bad decisions.

accessory table
This was JUST SITTING in Goodwill like an insecure high schooler at the Homecoming dance. I was like, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T GOODWILL!"

I almost didn't want to look closer because I knew that I would fall in love and then be sorely disappointed when they wanted three million dollars for it. But I looked anyhow, and it was gorgeous -- and only $24.99, which seemed pretty amazing for a vintage sewing machine in near perfect condition with the original accessories. It's a 1956 Brother Pacesetter.

all the little accessories
It had every last little doo-dad with it, except for the seam ripper (which, let's be honest, is one of the few things I'd actually be using).

let there be light
That may be the original lightbulb. Awesome.

original sewing machine oil
This is pretty gross.

It's built like a cat! Like seriously, I could throw it out a window and it would just be like, "Whatever." I'm still pretty pumped about it, and love hearing it's chunka-chunka-chunka (that's my best imitation of the sound a sewing machine makes. Who knows.)

EDIT! May 2014: Hi! This darling sewing machine was stolen from me a few months ago (strange, I know). If you've happened across this post because you wanted to learn more about the sweet vintage Brother Pacesetter you just got in Seattle or the surrounding area, and it happens to look an awful lot like this one, drop me an email: I won't be all weird about it, I just want to know where it ended up. Thanks!


  1. would you sell it ;) please let me know!!

  2. Hi Susanna! I just found one of these on craigslist, and I'm lusting after it, but it's pricey at $125. Is yours still going? Do you know if it has any plastic inside? Thanks in advance. -Sheila