Friday, February 5, 2010


I have a lot of questions about my eight-year-old self. I don't know how I knew about half the things I was writing about, having had my formative years in a mostly uneventful, drama/divorce/death-free environment. I also don't know how I was so AWESOME.

When I was eight, I remember informing my teacher that I was going through a mid-life crisis. "You're eight, Susanna," she said. "If anyone in this room is gonna have a mid-life crisis, it should be me." But at the time, I was convinced, and looking back at my writing from the time, I think it shows.

My friend sent me a comic a few nights ago that was written by a kid but illustrated by an adult, and it was really good. I was inspired to do something similar with one of my old stories that I have stashed away in spiral notebooks from elementary school's past in my closet.

There were lots of little stories I had started writing but had gotten distracted during and just started drawing cats in various situations, never going back to finish. However, one story, titled "The Unicorn From a Planet Far, Far Away," really stood out to me. It was RAD... Several pages long, double spaced, and uninterrupted by doodles or side stories.

So, I made a comic of it!

Comics are the kind of thing I really enjoy making but am not necessarily good at. That being said, here is the first installment of "The Unicorn From a Planet Far, Far Away." All the wording and dialogue are completely as they appeared in my third grade notebook, the only things that have been changed are some unfortunate spellings and I've added in some bonus punctuation to make things more clear. Other than that, behold! (Clicking it will send you to my Flickr, where you can view it larger)

The Unicorn From a Planet Far, Far Away

It only gets more awesome from here, more to come!

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  1. hi susanna, i stumbled upon your blog via flickr and had instantly subscribe to it. it's just awesome what you're doing! all these ideas and creativity and colors and links to childhood. i always had a thing for people who actually used this outburst of reverie and time they experienced when they were young. what i want to say: keep going and going and use your skills in the best possible ways. greetings from berlin, kat