Sunday, February 14, 2010

more like, copperplate DUMB

I'm sick! Thanks for nothing, vitamin regimen.

It takes a lot for me to really, really hate a font. With most fonts, like most people, I can at least kind of justify their existence. "Oh, that might be good for a third grade newsletter by a teacher that doesn't know any better," I might say, with a shudder, about Comic Sans. This justification makes me able to rest a little easier when font atrocities happen.

But then there's Copperplate Gothic. This font doesn't even make sense. For some reason, I've been seeing it all over the place lately, from lawyer hotline bus ads to Valentine's Day cards (I can only assume from people who secretly want your font life to be unfulfilling). Cooperplate Gothic must be stopped.

copperplate gothic

I think that the thing about this particular font is that it doesn't say anything. It has no sort of statement to make. The aforementioned and notorious Comic Sans says that it is fun and carefree and youthful and typographically naive, but Copperplate Gothic doesn't have anything to say. It seems to me like a desperate late-night font-list scroll thoughtless decision. A "good enough!" decision.

There is a whole wonderful, mysterious font world out there that is easily accessible. In five minutes, you have more fonts than could be imagined thirty years ago! Embrace it!

Why not download yourself a nice Goudy Bookletter? Look at that ampersand! What about this, even? Really, though, even Candy Cane is looking pretty good right now.

Cooperplate lovers (are there any?), make a believer out of me. Show me Cooperplate in action. Show me Copperplate with something to say. Otherwise, I'm going to go back to crying at just the thought.


  1. Nooo not the Copperplate Gothic! I thought it was only me who has serious aversions to some fonts, obviously I am not alone! :p

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  3. There is nothing wrong with Copperplate Gothic.

    It's not the font's fault that you think it's bad because of overuse.

    Same with Times Roman. It's far easier to read (for me) than Arial, Helvetica, or any of the other serif-less fonts.

    People who react against much-used fonts in large texts (like newspapers, books) are blaming their disinterest in the content on the font!