Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I made a book

Yesterday I finished up my first (okay, fine, second) attempt at bookbinding by hand. I think it turned out pretty well! It's easier to tell in person, but I feel like it's worth mentioning that it's supposed to look like a discarded library book. I did all the illustrations, etc., as well.

the alphabet: cover

the alphabet: exterior

the alphabet: endsheets

the alphabet: interior


(Hah, I just realized that the cover looks an awful lot like my new blog design! Clearly, I'm going through a green-background-with-overlapping-slightly-opaque-color-blocks phase. There are worse things, though, I guess. Like pouring-mayonnaise-in-library-book-drop phases.)


  1. Whoah. This is amazing - what technique did you use? I'm considering creating a catalogue for my next show by hand and I keep seeing all these totally inspiring hand-bound books (in other words, thanks for the inspiration!).

  2. is that graffiti for real?! amazing. what a great job!

  3. thanks! I'm not sure what the technique I used is called... I was just kind of winging it. but I definitely recommend making a hand-bound book for SOMETHING, it's a neat experience!