Monday, October 11, 2010

Doing actions!

I realize that being so self-congratulatory about my illustrating skills having graduated first grade is terribly unbecoming, but you need to understand... Having spent the better part of my life drawing people only standing with their arms to their sides or awkwardly upwards and facing straight ahead (evidence, evidence, evidence, slight exception), being able to draw someone doing something is worthy of a small, one-person, 3AM party. I will bring the vegetable platter and tea.

Between work and school and satiating my budding Mike and Ike addiction, I am illustrating a children's book that my main squeeze Ben wrote in what is surely the most adorable collaboration planet Earth has ever seen. I won't get in to what it's about just yet, but I will say this: Robots.

scientist dad

This tired scientist dad is not only sitting somewhat believably in an office chair, he is also holding an over-sized book AND putting a pen to his mouth in a slightly realistic fashion.

I mean, okay, it needs some tweaking still, but if I can even KIND OF draw tired dads in office chairs, it seems like a step in the right direction. Way to go, self. Way to go.

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