Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Free Space

There is something so satisfying about the free spaces on Bingo boards. Here are some examples from my personal Bingo cards, but there are many more spectacular free spaces to be had in the world.

bingo board free spaces

Speaking of games and not having fun, I picked up a 1967 copy of Milton Bradley's "Go to the Head of the Class" today, and was delighted by the cast of cardboard characters included in the set.

go to the head of the class family
Do you see the hollow, emotionless void that is Daddy? He can't even be bothered to make eye contact. Perhaps he found out about the tribal tattoo Brother is hiding underneath his modest turtleneck and sweater combination.

go to the head of the class kids
Butch, Susie, Bonnie, and Cowboy Joe look like a thrilling bunch. This crew makes appearances in other Milton Bradley games, including my 1956 copy of "Chutes and Ladders," except they look a little different!

Late 1960s "Go to the Head of the Class" Bonnie vs. 1950s "Chutes and Ladders" Bonnie

cowboy joe
Late 1960s "Go to the Head of the Class" Cowboy Joe vs. 1950s "Chutes and Ladders" Cowboy Joe – he definitely didn't grow up to be this guy. No. Definitely not.

Late 1960s "Go to the Head of the Class" Butch vs. 1950s "Chutes and Ladders" Butch – which set of eyes is the most creepy and eager to please?

A previous GTTHOTC version had the whole crew in the 1950s-style, as seen here. "Daddy" looks like John F. Kennedy married the ventriloquist dummy from Magic. I hate to admit that his soulless 1960s existence may be an upgrade.