Friday, April 15, 2011

small monochromatic collections

Here are some of my collections of small objects, some old, some not-so-old, arranged by color.

RED: wooden block, plastic game pieces, tiny man with hat, devil finger puppet, "WIN" button, harmonica, box of dice, heart-shaped diary lock, elephant cupcake decoration, bingo marker, vintage Candyland game piece, New Mexico puzzle piece, order card, "E" refrigerator magnet, anti-Reagan pin, feather, generic Lego, cardboard "I'm wounded" circle, plastic pegasus, small scissors, Mr. Potato Head ear, plastic marker, Mr. Potato Head body.

YELLOW: 1967 third place science fair ribbon from St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Seattle, WA, wooden number five, Nancy Drew mystery card, "HARD" card, poker chip, West Virginia puzzle piece, "e" refrigerator magnet, felt pen, wooden building, owl flash card, rubber eggs, vintage Candyland game piece, metal automobile, pear puzzle piece, man with something up his sleeve, small hat.

GREEN: Betty Bolling birthday candles box, plastic indian, lettuce play food, plastic pipe, a very small girl, toy car, magnifying glass, game marker, wooden block, metal automobile, vintage Candyland game piece, German paper domino, "e" refrigerator magnet, Oklahoma puzzle piece, two crickets on a wooden slab, emotionless man in overalls.

BLUE: "first man on the moon" stamp, metal anchor, squirt gun, bread tab, Planters luggage tag, game piece, plastic cowboy, Seattle World's Fair 1962 stamp, "a happy birthday to you" pin, plastic markers, "I am a blood donor" pin, Mr. Potato Head shoe, another shady-looking gentleman, small bottle, Princess telephone charm.

tan & brown
TAN/BROWN: library book card, Mr. Potato Head hand, wooden head, religious charm, number die, wooden block, Scrabble tile, lobster brooch, French memory card, "Clean Cal's Pal" button, library "noted" stamp, a wrestler, Seattle World's Fair 1962 token, wooden horse.

white & gray
SILVER/WHITE: tintype photo, Lego brick, lead type, restaurant number ticket, master key, Lego crystal, my wisdom tooth, magnetic words, a toy gun attached to a lock, 1957 quarter, plastic game markers, circus seal cupcake topper, a gumball, an arrow, Seattle World's Fair 1962 charm bracelet.

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