Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bread Tag Collection Update!

In December, I posted my bread tag Christmas tree, and mentioned my growing collection of everyone's favorite bread closures (pssh, twist ties are like, SO prehistoric). Since that post, my horde has evolved pretty significantly, and I recently had the time to assemble the masses and take inventory of what I have. I see pretty elaborate Excel spreadsheets in my future.

bread tag collection
The tags before being organized. I keep them in a glass jar most of the time.

bread tag collection dates
I have a little sheet where I mark off new dates when I get them, but it's nice to be able to lay them out from time to time and look at them lovingly, as well as see if there is anything I missed, or any unique patterns emerging.

bread tag collection dates
I finally obtained my birthday tag from a co-worker, and was happy to get a February 29th tag this year – if I had missed out, it would have been another four years before I'd see another one!

bread tag collection shapes
Here are all the different shape variants I have, the one in the upper left hand corner being the most common. I am particularly fond of the green one with the heart-shaped closure. The two larger ones I found on my street on the same day, a few blocks apart, and I haven't managed to get any others of that size since.

There is a stretch of road a few blocks up from me in front of an apartment building where I am guaranteed to find 5-10 bread tags on the sidewalk a week, as well as a gas station in the opposite direction that always has some in front of it, though not as many. It's amazing how many you'll see on the ground when you're out and about when you're looking for them.

That is all.

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