Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Digital paintin'

Today I decided to take a genuine jab at digital painting. It's my first attempt, aside from a few times where I've opened up various programs, drawn a squiggle or two, looked at the examples, felt discouraged, and quit, deciding instead to lay in bed eating grapes and watching YouTube videos.

I think the thing is, I have no idea how art actually works, or how shading or shadows or lighting or noses happen. It's like a tiny miracle whenever I see someone who can so effortlessly draw realistically or semi-realistically. I've never had much luck with Wacom tablets, and everything I've drawn on a computer in the last two years has been with a laptop trackpad and my pointer finger. Since any sort of good painting in Illustrator seems to more or less require Wacom-ing, it hasn't happened for me.

This was made using the Procreate app for iPad, which still let me use my pointer finger. It is based off of this picture of my favorite one-eyed feline, Oliver, who I adopted in May. I LOVE HIM.

first attempt at digital painting

Anyway, it's a little wonky in some places (okay, most places), but for a girl who doesn't understand how realism works, I think it's a step in a direction. Some sort of direction. Somewhere.

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  1. I just devoured your entire blog. Loved everything from your appreciation for overlapping two-colour printings to your monochromatic collections to, well... everything, really. Too good. But too bad you haven't posted in a while.